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Shrimp Fest 2015 on Fort Myers Beach

So, Shrimp Festival on Fort Myers Beach was actually last weekend, but it’s been very busy around here and so I’m finally getting around to updating the blog. Better late than never, right? This time of year is always so crazy for us because it’s peak season and spring break around here. It’s also Corey’s birthday (St. Patrick’s Day) and he spent the weekend with his mother celebrating. Since it was just Randy and I, we decided to get off the dock and take the boat to the north end of the island (where the festivities were) and anchor out just north of Matanzas Bridge. We had been wanting to try anchoring here for a while as an alternative to the mooring field and we enjoyed it. We were even joined by our friend Tom and Mary Kay on Tom’s sailboat, Forever Young as well as Mike and Kathleen aboard Sojourn.

Walking traffic on the bridge. Bridge was shut down for the parade.
Forever Young anchored with the Matanzas Bridge behind.

We shoved off Saturday morning and were anchored by 10:30am. We hadn’t planned to see the parade and we dinged to shore around 11:30am and actually caught the tail end of the parade in Times Square. It was actually perfect because as soon as the last float went past, Randy and I headed for the craft show tents to have a look around. We were able to get through them all and get out of there before the mob of people came in for the show as well as the food. We headed for the Lani Kai for a rumrunner and to do some spring break people watching. After that, it was lunch at La Olas, our favorite mexican joint on the island. We met up with Mary Kay and Tom as well as Johnny (Randy’s dad) and April there and made plans to meet at the Lighthouse for some beers and live music.

Randy and I headed back to the arts fair so I could purchase 3 small canvases of sea turtles by artist Jen Callahan to hang in the Blue Turtle. FYI: canvases are great for boats because there is no glass to break. After drinks at the Lighthouse, it came time to head back to the boat for the evening and once Randy and I got back to the boat, we decided to head to Bowditch Beach at the northern-most point of the island for sunset. We grabbed the dog and jumped in the dinghy for a spectacular sunset.

Blue Turtle in her anchorage
Dinging to shore for the festivities
Our anchorage near the Pink Shell
Parade floats of Shrimp Fest
Parade floats of Shrimp Fest
S.S. Loveboat with live band playing
The Ark of the Red Coconut RV Park
The Ark of the Red Coconut RV Park
Luau float
The Pirate Ship float
Fort Myers Beach Shrimp Fest
Fort Myers Beach Shrimp Fest
Fort Myers Beach pier on a busy day
Lots of boats at the crowded beach
Randy in the Spring Break spirit
Maddie and CJ show us the candy they scored from the parade
3 Sea turtle canvases by artist, Jen Callahan purchased for the Blue Turtle
Johnny and April at The Lighthouse
Party on Captain Tom’s boat
Sojourn and Forever Young
Leaving Blue Turtle for sunset
Sunset heaven
Sunset heaven
We had the beach to ourselves for sunset
Sun going down

Sunday morning, we had breakfast with Tom and Mary Kay and then Bloody Marys at Gulfshore Grill. Then it was time to head back to the dock. Once back at the dock, we decided we didn’t want the wonderful weekend to be over so we packed a cooler, umbrella and the dog into the dingy and headed for a relaxing afternoon at New Pass beach. It was the perfect ending to a great weekend.

Picture-perfect Sunday morning enjoyed with some Bloody Marys
Perfect ending to great weekend spent on New Pass Beach


2 thoughts on “Shrimp Fest 2015 on Fort Myers Beach”

  1. Kim – I had no idea you guys were doing this – You and Randy are officially my new heroes. Thanks for posting all of this to the blog so the rest of us can follow your adventures.

    • Hi Steve,

      Glad you found us online. It’s been quite an adventure and we are having the time of our life. Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚



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