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Shrimp Festival 2017 Fort Myers Beach

shrimp festival fort myers beach

This past weekend, Shrimp Festival and spring break were in full swing. Shrimp Fest is always a great time to be on our little island of Fort Myers Beach. It’s festive, fun and crazy with spring break happening at the same time. Last year we missed Shrimp Fest because I had just had surgery on …

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Shrimp Fest 2015 on Fort Myers Beach

So, Shrimp Festival on Fort Myers Beach was actually last weekend, but it’s been very busy around here and so I’m finally getting around to updating the blog. Better late than never, right? This time of year is always so crazy for us because it’s peak season and spring break around here. It’s also Corey’s …

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Shrimp Fest 2014 on Fort Myers Beach

This past weekend was Shrimp Fest on Fort Myers Beach. For two days the island gets bombarded with folks who come for the parade and festivities.  Last year we attended the parade which was earlier in the day. This year, the plan was to go down to Times Square (where the arts and crafts booths …

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Fort Myers Beach Shrimp Festival

This weekend, we had our first experience with the Fort Myers Beach Shrimp Festival. The Shrimp Festival, sponsored by the Lions Club, has been held each year since 1959 with all proceeds going to local Lions Club charities. The event has it’s own parade,  Shrimp Festival Queen and court, crafts expo and food booths with, shrimp …

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