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Shrimp Festival 2017 Fort Myers Beach

This past weekend, Shrimp Festival and spring break were in full swing. Shrimp Fest is always a great time to be on our little island of Fort Myers Beach. It’s festive, fun and crazy with spring break happening at the same time. Last year we missed Shrimp Fest because I had just had surgery on my foot but we’ve attended it the 3 previous years and it never disappoints.

shrimp boats fort myers beach
Miss Amy J and Hailey Marie

Shrimp Festival has been sponsored by the Lions Club since 1959 as a way to raise money for the local Lions Club charities. The event has it’s own parade,  Shrimp Festival Queen and court, arts & crafts expo and food booths with pink gulf shrimp (of course). We had heard that during this time of year you can tour the shrimp boats in our fleet, so this year we took the dinghy over to Trico Shrimp Co. first to see if we could take a tour. Unfortunately, they were closed on Saturdays and we were told by friends that you have to go on Sunday or during the week leading up to the festival. Since we were already there, we decided to walk the docks and get a closer look at the shrimp boats. While walking past one boat, a very nice man stopped us and handed Corey a beautiful, large lightening whelk. He told us he was from Texas and they were getting ready to shove off in a day or two to head that way and shrimp. He said they gather a lot of these large and beautiful shells in their nets while fishing. After we thanked him for the shell, we headed back to the dinghy to cruise on over to the beach to attend Shrimp Fest.

shrimp boats fort myers beach
Fort Myers Beach shrimping fleet
shrimp boats fort myers beach
Jenna Dawn
shrimp boats fort myers beach
Babe, Anna and Galaxy
Trico Shrimp company fort myers beach
Trico Shrimp Co. and Seafood Market
shrimp boats fort myers beach
Kayden Nicole
Randy and Corey getting ready to walk the docks
shrimp boats fort myers beach
A thin wobbly dock walk to see the shrimp boats
Trico Shrimp Co.’s storefront
One of the shrimp boats and the Matanzas Bridge
Capt. Corey Joe
Some intense rigging and lines
Corey stands in front of the boat of the shrimper who gave us the shell
lightening whelk
Beautiful lightening whelk

Once on the beach, we met up with a few friends for drink at the Beached Whale. After that, we headed to the food tents so the boys could get their fill of gulf shrimp. I was the arts and crafts booths and ended up with a new collar and leash for Sophie and a blue turtle bracelet (of course!).

Having a drink at the Beached Whale with friends
shrimp festival fort myers beach
Fort Myers Beach Lions Club shrimp booth
shrimp festival fort myers beach
Pink Florida Gulf shrimp
shrimp festival fort myers beach
Arts and crafts booths at the festival
shrimp festival fort myers beach
Colorful signs at one craft booth
Times Square Fort Myers Beach
Times Square Fort Myers Beach

After checking out Shrimp Fest, we made way to the Lani Kai where spring break was in full swing. The beach is was packed and the water was lined with boats. We went up to the second floor bar to get a rum runner and do some people watching. While hanging out there we saw the tug-of-war contest, one of the many contests that the Lani Kai puts on during spring break.  After the contest was over, we headed upstairs to Island View (one of our favorite dining spots) for some dinner before heading home.

lani kai fort myers beach
The Lani Kai – popular spring break destination
Checking out all the spring break action
spring break fort myers beach
Lots of people and boats this time of year
Tug-o-war contest at the Lani Kai


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  1. Kim
    That was a great article . I can see that I have missed a few things here that I didn’t know about . I’ve been here 3 seasons and didn’t know about the fleet of shrimp boats . This was very interesting . Thanks for sharing your knowledge ! Makes me love this place even more !


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