Blue Turtle Cruising

First sail aboard our CSY Walkover!

I’m a little late posting this but wanted to post the photos and write about our first experience under sail aboard s/v Blue Turtle. Back in November, Randy and I decided we needed to get off the dock and learn how to get the sails up on our new-to-us CSY. We invited our marina friend, Glen, along for his sailing wisdom. Honestly, our expectations were pretty low, we decided we’d be happy to just get the sails up much less sail.

Of course, we had a few hiccups along the way but we managed to get all 3 sails up. We even managed 6.5 knots with our inadequate trimming of the sails. The day was a great introduction to sailing and learning the sail configuration of our boat. Randy and I had such a great time, we went out the next day without Glen. We got more proficient at raising the lowering the sails but didn’t quite have the wind we had the previous day. Still, we loved every minute of it.

We plan to get out more often this winter enlisting the help of any of our sailing friends to teach us what they know as well as get more comfortable cruising under sail. Stay tuned!

Scroll down for a video of us cruising back to the marina…video capture by our friend Capt. Joey.

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