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Sailboat sea trial and survey

sailboat haul out and survey

With Blue Turtle {trawler} being sold for over 1 month now, Randy, Sophie and I have been wandering gypsies. We’ve stayed in 5 different homes in the last 4 weeks — house/dog sitting for a friend and then for my sister, staying at my parents’ place in Fort Myers, then on to an airbnb near …

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Our beloved Blue Turtle is for sale!

I’m sure this will be a shock to some, especially those who know how much we have LOVED living aboard Blue Turtle for the last NINE years. Rest assured, we are not selling her through any fault of her own. She is the most EXCELLENT live aboard and cruising trawler and we’ve had so many …

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9 Years living aboard! Blue Turtle then & now

It’s hard to believe that we celebrated 9 years living aboard in May. Nine years ago we brought our beloved Blue Turtle home from Longboat Key and nine years later we both agree that it’s been the best decision ever. This year, instead of reflecting back on all the boat projects we’ve done to date …

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Wood rail rehab on the Blue Turtle

This Florida winter has been a productive one for the Blue Turtle.  Boat projects have been plentiful now that Corey is driving and Randy’s taxi services are no longer needed. Randy has realized that he now has quite a bit of extra time so now he can focus on Blue Turtle. It’s been years since …

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Scenes of Fort Myers Beach during ‘stay at home’ orders

trawler anchored by fort myers beach

Even though our governor issued a ‘safe at home’ order on April 3rd closing down most of the state except for essential businesses, we have been practicing social distancing since mid-March. Randy and I have been off the dock more during this time than any in past years. With every grocery run becoming a potential …

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