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Canoeing on the Peace River

This past Sunday, Randy, Corey and I were invited to go canoeing on the Peace River with marina neighbors Tom, Mary Kay and Maddie.  Also accompanying us, were friends Mark and Cara and their 2 children.  It was an absolutely gorgeous, sunny and 80 degree Winter day and we left Fort Myers Beach early to head to Arcadia, Florida where the Canoe Outpost is located.

Once at the Canoe Outpost, we signed in and loaded up on a bus that trailored the canoes and kayaks we would need. We rode 8 miles up the river and put in the canoes for our paddle downstream. The Peace River is a popular hunting ground for fossils and sharks teeth and as we headed downstream we looked for areas where fossils might be. We sifted for fossils at only a few spots because the river was high when we were there which means that alot of the great fossil hunting areas were underwater. No one found anything interesting this day, but it was a great time spent with friends.

Bus ride up the river
Bus ride up the river
Loading up the canoes
Loading up the canoes
Even Sophie came along
Even Sophie came along











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