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9 Years living aboard! Blue Turtle then & now

It’s hard to believe that we celebrated 9 years living aboard in May. Nine years ago we brought our beloved Blue Turtle home from Longboat Key and nine years later we both agree that it’s been the best decision ever.

This year, instead of reflecting back on all the boat projects we’ve done to date or how much we love the lifestyle, I thought we could share the focus on Blue Turtle and show how far she’s come along. We’ve made some amazing upgrades inside the cabins to make her more comfortable as a live aboard boat. We’ve also put in a lot of work outside repainting the boat and the hull, and most recently, refinishing the exterior wood. Below are photos showing Blue Turtle then (in 2012) and now (in 2021).

Thank you, dear readers, for following us along on our journey. It has truly been amazing.

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