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Our beloved Blue Turtle is for sale!

I’m sure this will be a shock to some, especially those who know how much we have LOVED living aboard Blue Turtle for the last NINE years. Rest assured, we are not selling her through any fault of her own. She is the most EXCELLENT live aboard and cruising trawler and we’ve had so many fond memories throughout the years living and cruising with Corey (our son) all over southwest Florida, the Keys and the Dry Tortugas. I will most likely be in tears the day we sell her but they will be joyful tears with amazing memories.

After nine years living aboard, her we’ve decided we are ready for a change. Randy has always dreamed of sailing and it’s been a bucket list item for us both. We’ve recently sailed with a few friends and are ready for a new challenge and change. Randy has always been an excellent captain of power boats and we are now eager to learn the non-power way to cruise. It may be several months before we find the sailboat that’s the right fit for us, but when we do we’ll explore it all here and we hope most of you will still follow along on our journey. After all, this blog has been all about living aboard (no matter the vessel) and cruising and exploring in a more unconventional way. Rest assured, the last nine years of content will remain as it is our part of our history and rich with memories and learning experiences.

As you know, we’ve taken amazing care of our trawler and actively cruised her the last nine years. Randy has troubleshooted issues and fixed them as they popped up (and they always do, no matter the boat). She is ready to cruise and would be an excellent live aboard to do The Great Loop, Bahamas, or simple Florida cruising.

Below is the link to view the most recent photos, specifications and upgrades. Please let us know if you are interested and have any questions for us. Please share the link with anyone you know who might be in the market for a classic single engine trawler blue water boat.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Kim, Randy & Sophie

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