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Sunday evening boat christening

This past Sunday, we were invited along with others in the marina to participate in a boat christening, also known as an excuse to party. We had our own boat christening 2-1/2 years ago at Cayo Costa and it’s always a fun experience. Ned and Beth actually bought their boat 3 years ago and just now changed the name of it. As Ned says, “we don’t like to rush into things.” The 36′ sundeck vessel was previously named Mer Soliel and they changed the name to Albright at Sea. The christening was led by Ned as he spoke and offered champagne to appease King Neptune. Afterward, there were toasts and desserts and music. It was such a fun evening!

We had a fantastic dinner at Mary Kay’s before the christening
Randy and Michael relaxing on the dock
Randy and Michael relaxing on the dock
Kathleen and I at the party
Kathleen and I at the party
Randy with Ned and Albright at Sea in the background
A beautiful table of champagne and desserts


Mr. Ned enjoying his cigar before the christening
Part of our dock crew having a great time
Corey plays a few tunes to entertain us
Corey plating guitar (strap borrowed from Kathleen)
Ned leads the christening ceremony


One fine party going on
Beth offers some champagne to King Neptune
Maddie borrows Corey’s guitar and Corey plays Maddie’s ukulele
The lovely couple of the evening, Ned and Beth

4 thoughts on “Sunday evening boat christening”

  1. Kim
    You are so talented ! I just saw this for some reason! Thank you so much! You have given us memories that I will cherish forever! Thank you for sharing!


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