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Diving the Dry Tortugas

Three weeks back from our trip and I’m finally getting around to posting the video I shot while diving in the Dry Tortugas. As a recap, we ended up diving at 3 spots: Texas Rock, Davis Rock and Off Ramp. We also snorkeled a lot of other areas, but this post is about scuba diving. Diving in the Dry Tortugas has to be hands-down the best diving in the Continental U.S. I’ve been diving all over the Keys and it is truly beautiful, but the clarity and visibility in the Dry Tortugas is amazing.

Below are videos I made of footage from Texas Rock, Davis Rock and Off Ramp. We actually dove Off Ramp twice on 2 different days but I just merged the video into one for that spot.

Hope you enjoy!

For those interested in the GPS Coordinates for Dry Tortugas Dive/Snorkel Moorings :

RNAMB1 (Windjammer) N24°37.413 W082°56.548
RNAMB2 (The Maze) N24°36.600 W082°56.914
RNAB3 (Davis Rock) N24°41.209 W082°54.440
RNAB4 (Texas Rock) N24°40.082 W082°53.125
RNAB5 (Off Ramp) N24°40.156 W082°54.506
LMBSE (Loggerhead SE) N24°37.833 W082°55.187
LMBSW (Loggerhead SW) N24°37.8031 W082°55.546

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