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We’re officially Blue Turtle (again)!

We’ve had a lot going on in the past month. One of the items on our (unending) to-do list was to rename the sailboat. In order to do this, we had to do a few things first. We had sent our vessel documentation in back in September and finally received it last month. Next, we’d decided to repaint the inlaid scrollwork on the bow of our boat to match the new graphics. It needed new paint badly and we didn’t think the existing gold color worked very well with the blue turtle logo.

With the scroll work being inlaid, I thought it wouldn’t be too difficult to stay in the lines when painting. Boy, was I wrong. Trying to paint something so small on a boat that’s in the water proved rather difficult. Even the slightest water ripple made the boat move.

In order to reach the bow, we had to bring the boat as far forward in the slip as possible which meant the bow pulpit hung over the dock, partially blocking the walkway. We live on the dock where the Salty Sam’s pirate ship boat loads it passengers and they are located at the end of our dock. This time of year, they go out 3-5 times a day. We had to stop and move the boat back in its slip so the passengers could get by. There were also times when I would have a small audience while I painted. Never a dull moment around her.

Once the bow scrolls were painted, it was time to have our graphics installed. We used a local sign company near the beach and I had emailed them the graphic files the previous week. The installer did an amazing job laying the new graphics on the stern and each side of the bow considering it was a pretty windy day and he had to stand on a paddle board to do the installation.

Finally, the last thing to do was to have the renaming ceremony. We decided to do the ceremony at the dock on Saturday, February 19th, and invite some family and dock neighbors. I had googled “boat renaming ceremonies” and they all seemed to be a bit lengthy so I decided to take a couple ideas and edit out some things to make it fit our needs. The first part is the purging ceremony where we ask Poseidon to expunge the old name, then we proceed on to the renaming ceremony (See the end of this post for the full text of the ceremony and a video).

With 3 bottles of champagne (1 to splash the boat) and some snacks on a dock box, the ceremony began. Randy and I alternated the paragraphs and we did several toasts. After that, we shared the rest of the champagne with our family and friends.

Once the snacks and champagne were gone, it was time for a celebratory dinner. My parents, sister, Randy and I piled into the dinghy and headed to the Fort Myers Beach dinghy dock where we walked to Felipe’s for tacos and margaritas. Our sailboat is really starting to feel like home and having her renamed Blue Turtle certainly helps to make it all seem real that she’s ours.


“Oh mighty and great ruler of the seas and oceans, to whom all ships and we who venture upon your vast domain are required to pay homage, implore you in your graciousness to expunge for all time from your records and recollection the name {Old Boat Name} which has ceased to be an entity in your kingdom.”

“In grateful acknowledgment of your munificence and dispensation, we offer these libations to your majesty and your court.”

(Pour at least half of the bottle of champagne into the sea from East to West.)


“Oh mighty and great ruler of the seas and oceans, to whom all ships and we who venture upon your vast domain are required to pay homage, implore you in your graciousness to take unto your records and recollection this worthy vessel hereafter and for all time known as BLUE TURTLE, guarding her with your mighty arm and trident and ensuring her of safe and rapid passage throughout her journeys within your realm. In appreciation of your munificence, dispensation and in honor of your greatness, we offer these libations to your majesty and your court.”

(Pour champagne into the sea from West to East.)

“For thousands of years, we have gone to sea. We have crafted vessels to carry us and we have called them by name. These ships will nurture and care for us through perilous seas, and so we affectionately call them ‘she.’ To them we toast, and ask to celebrate BLUE TURTLE.”


“The moods of the sea are many, from tranquil to violent. We ask that this ship be given the strength to carry on. The keel is strong and she keeps out the pressures of the sea.”

“Today we come to name this lady BLUE TURTLE, and send her to sea to be cared for, and to care for the KALISIK family. We ask the sailors of old and the mood of God that is the sea to accept BLUE TURTLE as her name, to help her through her passages, and allow her to return with her crew safely.”


(Now pour a bottle of champagne across the bow to appease Poseidon. Lay a branch of green leaves on the deck to ensure safe returns.)

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