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Fort Myers Beach Boat Parade

Last Saturday evening, we got the chance to participate in the Fort Myers Beach Christmas boat parade. We’ve attended boat parades before and they’re a lot of fun, but this time we got to be IN THE PARADE. This all happened to be taking place on my birthday!

Around 4:30pm we all gathered on D Dock at Snook Bight and piled onto Dick and Inge’s 40′ Main Ship Trawler, Bon Foeyage. Once aboard, we headed toward Salty Sam’s Marina where the parade headquarters were. From there, all the boats started out and lining up in a queue. We had 22 people on board including my parents for a festive evening of food, family, friends and lights. What a blast we had being part of the parade. A great big shout out to our fearless captain, Dick and first mate, Inge! Thanks for a spectacular evening!

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