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Dinghy regatta to Doc Fords

Last Sunday a bunch of us from the marina gathered in our dinghies and headed to Doc Ford’s for an afternoon of fun, food & drinks and dancing in preparation for the Super Bowl festivities later that day. Randy’s father, April and his Uncle Gerry, visiting from Taiwan, came over from Punta Gorda to join us. We piled April, Johnny and Gerry into our dinghy and Corey drove them while Randy caught a ride with Mike and Kathleen and I caught a ride with Scott and Bridgett. I think we had a total of 5 dinghies in the convoy and on the way there, we caught sight of marina friends Bill and Dorothy on their way to Snook Bight on their trawler, Full Circle. We made it to Doc Fords and had some food and drinks and good fun and even danced a bit to Deb and the Dynamics. It was totally a fun-filled way to spend the afternoon.

The dinghy loading area
Dick and Inge with Ned and Beth
Dinghy flotilla – Mary Kay, Maddie and Tom, Kathleen and Mike with Randy and Guy and Judy in the middle
Flotilla dinghy party
Our chance encounter with Bill and Dorothy on Full Circle
Full Circle
Arriving at Doc Fords with Jimmy in Sweet Pea (sailboat on the right)
Docking the dinghies at Doc Fords
Docking the dinghies at Doc Fords
The Kalisik family at Doc Fords
Good times dancing
Dancing fun!
Sophie getting kisses from her Uncle Gerry at the Bayfront Bistro bar (at the marina)





1 thought on “Dinghy regatta to Doc Fords”

  1. Very upbeat, reminds us of the beauty in life. Great footage, Kim. The shark and eel whoa!!! Colorful, varied species and great music choices on the Dry Tortugas dive. Thrilling, so glad to have a friend with such talent. Amazing, thank you, Kim!


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