Blue Turtle Cruising

Preparing to be invaded by the Kalisiks

A lot has been happening with us lately. First, my parents sold their trawler Island Time. Some of you may remember or even followed along on their Great Loop journey through their blog. They sold the boat within one week after putting it up for sale. They had very motivated buyers plus the boat was in impeccable condition, so that helped. They moved off the boat and have since bought a house. It came as a sudden surprise for Randy and I since we got the idea of living aboard from them. But my parents say that they lived their dream of living aboard and doing the Great Loop and they are ready for their next adventure.

Randy’s father and fianc√© April will be getting married next weekend on Valentine’s Day. Randy’s Uncle Gerry is here now visiting from Taiwan and his sister and brother-in-law will be here on Tuesday to stay with us. Needless to say, this week will be crazy since aunts and uncles and all kinds of family will visit for the wedding. We are looking forward to seeing everyone and celebrating Johnny and April’s wedding.

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