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Celebrating 7 years living aboard our trawler

Seven years ago on Mother’s Day weekend, Randy, his father (John), my father (Steve), and I brought Blue Turtle home from Long Boat Key, FL. It was a whirlwind weekend trip filled with excitement and maybe a few thoughts of, “oh dear, what have we gotten ourselves into?” At the time, we really had no idea how it would change our life and our perspective of it. All we knew is that we loved being on the water and the only way for us to reach our dream of cruising right away (instead of waiting for retirement) was to forgo the house and live aboard.

Now, with a teenage boy and his own busy schedule, we aren’t cruising as often as we would like.  We still love living aboard and the lifestyle it provides us. Randy feels that by living aboard, he has become closer to Corey and we have all become closer as a family.  We love that most evenings we will sit on the bridge at sunset just talking or reflecting on our day, something we wouldn’t do if living in a house.  We hope that some day Corey will understand the uniqueness of growing up on the water and around boats.

After living aboard for 7 years now, Randy and I have no plans to move back to land anytime soon. Our plan for the next 3 years is to continue raising and supporting Corey through his high school years and through his wake boarding passion. When Corey graduates high school and heads off to college, we plan (and hope) to be able to start cruising full time. We’ve been able to do a lot of local Southwest Florida and Keys cruising but really want to travel further.

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3 thoughts on “Celebrating 7 years living aboard our trawler”

  1. We live on a 42 ‘ ocean yachts trawler I notice you have what looks like some Perkins in her. We have a pair of 6354t in our 5,000 hrs n running strong ..up in Rode Island here

    • Hi Keith,

      We have a single Perkins 185hp engine. We’ve made 4 trips to the Dry Tortugas and Keys and have cruised her frequently around southwest Florida locally. The engine is original (1971) and still running strong, thanks to the regular maintenance my husband does.



  2. We are gravitating to buying a trawler and living in SW Florida. We do you dock her? Any reason you chose a 40ft vise larger? Would love to pick your brain.

    Thank you

    Robert & Karen


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