Blue Turtle Cruising

Trawler galley Project

Our new cooktop and tiled counters

When we bought the DeFever, it had an old propane stove in it that we immediately knew we’d want to replace. Besides it not being something we would use, it was rusted inside and rattled making a lot of noise. I decided that I wanted to remove it and instead, add a 2-burner electric ceramic …

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Trawler haul out complete!

The boy (with fresh haircut) with the shiny prop and rudder

So this past week (Tuesday, actually) we put Blue Turtle back in the water. She’d been on the hard for about 11 days at Olsen Marine Services. We had her hauled out to have the bottom painted along with some other repairs: Blisters/gel coat repaired Removed a Trillogy dinghy lift system (it’s for sale, by …

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Blue Turtle on the hard

Hanging to dry

One sure thing a boat owner can count on, is having to haul out their boat to have bottom work done on it. Depending on the owner and the condition of the boat, it can be done anywhere from 1-4 years apart. The last time Blue Turtle was hauled out by the previous owners, was …

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Varnishing wood: Lessons learned

The tools I started out with: Captain's Varnish and a Purdy brush

You may have read a while back that Randy and I renamed our Trawler from Down Time to Blue Turtle. We’ve since changed the lettering on the stern and held a christening. One of the last items to take care of, was refinishing the wooden name boards that were on both sides of the trawler. …

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Post-storm bridge and bimini work

Our nice clean bridge!

After all the preparations for Tropical Storm Isaac and after the (mild) storm came and went, it was time to put everything back together on the boat. This meant that we had to dig everything out of the lazaret and v-birth and put the bimini and ising glass back together. Since we had the ising …

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Summer boat projects abound

My freshly painted bathroom

I haven’t posted in a few weeks, mainly because I’ve been caught up in several small boat projects. One of the projects I started a couple of weeks ago, is refinishing our wooden name boards. They are currently at the sign company getting their new lettering and once done, I will apply 3 more coats …

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The battle of the bilge

Randy in the engine room battling the bilge

Well, it’s been an interesting week with the tropical storm Debby rocking us for 3 straight days with wind and rain and then Randy’s battle with our bilge. Yeah, at this point the score is: Randy – 3, The Bilge – 5. He’s currently losing the battle but does have plans to continue attack. See, …

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The things we do for cold food (and beer)

photo of refrigerator

Our previous refrigerator situation: built in Nova Kool fridge that didn’t work and the half sized fridge we borrowed from my folks So, ya’ll have heard all about our refrigerator woes…basically, the old Nova Kool fridge that came with the boat never got below 40 degrees (required to keep food safe), we had it serviced …

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Boat projects continue

image of John with faucet

Now that we have the Memorial Day holiday past us, we’ve been getting into small boat projects. The projects at this time are small because we’ve spent a lot of money in the first few weeks with the installation of the holding tank, putting fuel in the boat and replacing the fridge that we’re focusing …

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BOAT = Break Out Another Thousand

I’ve always heard this saying from boaters and live a boards and now I fully am living it. Even though our old boat surveyed well, we knew there were going to be some expensive projects in our future. One of the first things we did was schedule to have a holding tank installed. The aft …

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