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The battle of the bilge

Well, it’s been an interesting week with the tropical storm Debby rocking us for 3 straight days with wind and rain and then Randy’s battle with our bilge. Yeah, at this point the score is: Randy – 3, The Bilge – 5. He’s currently losing the battle but does have plans to continue attack. See, …

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So, ya’ll have heard all about our refrigerator woes…basically, the old Nova Kool fridge that came with the boat never got below 40 degrees (required to keep food safe), we had it serviced and to no avail, the damn thing still didn’t get cool enough. So, we decided to replace it with a small electric …

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It’s been exactly 1 month since Randy and I brought the DeFever home from Longboat Key in Sarasota. We put the boat temporarily in Cape Coral Yacht Club since my parents are live a boards there. We’ll eventually end up in a marina on the southern end of Fort Myers Beach. The marina we’ll eventually …

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Boat projects continue

group under gazebo with drinks

Now that we have the Memorial Day holiday past us, we’ve been getting into small boat projects. The projects at this time are small because we’ve spent a lot of money in the first few weeks with the installation of the holding tank, putting fuel in the boat and replacing the fridge that we’re focusing …

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The maiden voyage

Our first official trip on our new trawler (other than bringing her home) was Memorial Day weekend. This was a much anticipated trip for both Randy and I. He had been travelling the last two weeks straight for work, while I’ve been busy moving stuff onto Blue Turtle as well as managing several small projects …

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I’ve always heard this saying from boaters and live a boards and now I fully am living it. Even though our old boat surveyed well, we knew there were going to be some expensive boat projects in our future. One of the first things we did was schedule to have a holding tank installed. The …

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Sea trial and survey

1974 DeFever survey

Once Randy and I decided this DeFever was the boat for us, we made an offer. The negotiating process went well and once we had reached an agreement, it was time to schedule the sea trial and survey. We googled surveyors in the Sarasota/St. Pete area and found a couple promising sites. Randy called the …

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