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Randy and I at the Tough Mudder finish line
Randy and I at the Tough Mudder finish line

When Randy and I moved aboard Blue Turtle, it was clear we would need to find some way to stay in shape. Being located for the time in Cape Coral,  I was now too far away from my favorite gym in the world, InMotion Fitness in Bonita Springs. I used to do boot camp classes there 3-4 days a week and went from that to nothing.  I decided that I needed an event to train for to keep me motivated to exercise. Tough Mudder, a 12-mile obstacle run, was just the right event. Having already completed a Tough Mudder event last year, I knew it would require some discipline to run regularly and train.

This past weekend, Randy and I joined team from InMotion and participated in Tough Mudder Sarasota. Not only was it a nice a break from the boat to get out of town, it was also an absolute blast! What’s my plan moving forward for staying in shape? Well, for now I’ll continue to run during the mild winter months and try to make a boot camp class at InMotion at least once a week. I’m also looking into purchasing a TRX or AeroSling for suspension training to use on the boat or outdoors. I’ll keep you posted!

Check out some more pics from Tough Mudder Sarasota 2012.

Team InMotion Muddslingers
Team InMotion Muddslingers

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