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5 great advantages living aboard and planning a vacation on your boat

As a few folks might already know, we have been planning a trip to the Keys this summer. While we’ve been out plenty of times for extended weekends, this will be our first major trip on Blue Turtle. Our plan (weather permitting, of course) is to head to the Dry Tortugas first, then on to Key West for a few days, maybe hit Looe Key for some diving before making our way toward Marathon. We want to be near Marathon by the end of July for Lobster mini season.  We’ve been to the Keys by boat a few times aboard my parent’s boat but this will be our first trip by ourselves on our own boat. It will take us 3 days to get to the Dry Tortugas, anchoring around Indian Key on day 1 and near Jewfish Basin on day 2. This plan of course, is weather permitting. If we have rough seas or a storm front coming, we may have to abandon our plans to go to the Tortugas, but for now we have our fingers crossed. So stay tuned for updates on our adventures in cruising, diving, snorkeling and lobstering—oh and there may or may not be some trawler surfing in there too!

Our float plan (click to enlarge)
Our float plan (click to enlarge)

Now, on to the 5 advantages of living aboard and planning a vacation on your boat

  1. You get to sleep in your own bed – no explanation necessary
  2. Minimal cost – our only costs for the trip will be fuel and slip fees when in a marina; Blue Turtle sips fuel and we will incur some marina fees but overall, we’ll get a month in paradise for a fraction of the cost if we’d driven/flown and stayed in hotels
  3. Productivity while traveling – instead of sitting in the tight confines of a car or plane, I can work, clean, nap, workout or play ukelele all while traveling to our destination (this, of course if I’m not captaining)
  4. Pets can come along – I couldn’t imagine leaving Sophie with someone else for a month, I have a hard enough time with 1 or 2 days; it’s great that I don’t have to worry about her
  5. No packing required – since all my belongings are on the boat, I can be lazy and not have to worry about forgetting to pack something important

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