Blue Turtle Cruising

We’re in the Florida Keys!

Sorry there haven’t been any updates on our Keys trip on the blog. I’ve been posting to Facebook when I can and as some of you might know, I’m without my MacBook Pro. My Mac decided to quit on me halfway to Jewfish Basin on the 2nd day of our trip. For those of you who know me we’ll, not having my Mac is like missing a limb right now, I’m completely crippled – I can’t download any photos from my good camera or from our waterproof camera. I currently have about 385 images on the good camera and 320 images and videos on the waterproof to download, so needless to say, I’ll be busy when I get my computer back.

As soon as we landed in Key West, I set off walking to one of the only Apple Certified Repair shops on the Island. I left my baby with the store in hopes that it could be repaired quickly but it was a holiday weekend (4th of July) so it wasn’t likely. We’ve moved on since and are now in Marathon. I’m hoping to have my Mac shipped to me here so I can be back up and running. I’m hoping to update the blog very soon about our adventures in the Dry Tortugas and Key West.

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