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Windjammer wreck, Dry Tortugas

The Windjammer Wreck, located less than a mile southwest of Loggerhead Key, is the most complete wreck site in the Dry Tortugas. In 1907, the large sailing vessel named Avanti struck the Loggerhead reef after a navigational error. The heavily damaged ship eventually broke apart and sank though the crew was saved. The wreck site lies in 18-21 feet of water and is in two main fields, the bow portion and midships/stern/mast structures.

Corey and I on our way to snorkel the Windjammer, after diving it the previous day
Corey and I on our way to snorkel the Windjammer, after diving it the previous day

The wreck is home to a wide variety of marine life, including coral and schools of colorful reef fish. A mooring buoy (RNAMB1/Windjammer: N24° 37.461 W82° 56.564 ) is provided for anchoring to prevent damage to the site and reef. We have snorkeled and dove this wreck and although part of the structure is shallow and even sticking out of the water, a majority of the wreck is in 20 feet of water which makes it a great dive.

Scroll down to check out the video.


Large schools of fish are on this reef
Randy, a barracuda and the bow portion of the ship that protrudes out of the water


3 thoughts on “Windjammer wreck, Dry Tortugas”

    • Hi Chris,

      The Windjammer is about 3 miles from Garden Key so unless you are a good paddler, you’d need to have your own boat to get there. There is one dive charter boat we know of that leaves out of Fort Myers and goes to the Dry Tortugas to dive/snorkel. It’s called the Ultimate Getaway ( Without having your own boat, this is the only other way to get to the dive/snorkel spots in the Drys.



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