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Surfing in southwest Florida

Usually when someone mentions surfing in Florida, they are referring to the beaches on the eastern coast, not southwest Florida. Our Gulf waters are usually pretty calm and don’t always present the best wave action needed for surfing, however, if you watch the weather and fronts, you might find some surfable waves here. Corey recently became obsessed with surfing after watching the movie “Chasing Mavericks“. Randy surfs occasionally with his friend Rob and he bought Corey and surfboard and taught him how to surf. Corey consistently watches the weather and and finds which days are the best to surf. Many times, the waves aren’t large enough for Randy to surf, but they are perfect for someone Corey’s size. Maddie, Corey’s friend from the marina, also joins them when the waves are just right.

Corey shows his surfing skills
Maddie catches a wave
Looking for the perfect set
The Privateer Lynx, a historic from the War of 1812, sails out on the Gulf

If there aren’t big enough waves to surf, Corey skim boards. This is another new hobby of his and he’s getting quite good. He should be able to master both surfing and skim boarding, especially since he’s been boogie boarding since the age of five.

Corey starts his skim board run
Leaping onto the board 

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