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Randy gets a lift (up in a bosun’s chair)

He's reached the spreader
He’s reached the spreader

The other day, Randy was asked (and volunteered) to go up a sailboat mast in a bosun’s chair. For those not knowledgeable about sailing stuff (like me), a bosun’s chair is a harness-like chair that lifts a person up a mast in order to do work. Our friend, Tom, had a few things he needed done atop his mast and had asked Randy if he’s be interested in going up in a bosun’s chair and Randy agreed.

Once strapped into the chair, Tom (with the help of Mayor Dave) hoisted Randy up the mast. At the very top of the mast, Randy first had to free a snagged line and some broken Christmas lights that had been left from the holidays. At the very top of the mast, I could see it swaying in the wind and waves and was a little nervous for Randy. Next, they lowered Randy a little where he had to use a drill to free a corroded radar reflector. Once that was done, he ran another line through a pulley on the spreader so Tom can now hang lights on both sides of the spreader. After Randy was finished with the work, Tom sent up my iPhone so that Randy could take a few shots from his elevated view.

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