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No Jumping Boat Workout

I recently attempted my first workout aboard Blue Turtle while cruising. We were headed to the Dry Tortugas and had planned to take 3 full days to get there (we cruise very slow at 6 knots, hence the “turtle” in the boat name). I wanted to be able to stick to my exercise schedule and with 3 full days at sea doing nothing, I figured I might as well figure out a way to get in a couple of workouts. Luckily, I have a nice open space inside the main salon to workout, but this could be done anywhere on a boat where you might have space enough to lie down (i.e. outside decks, catamaran trampoline, cockpit, etc.)

Even with such a small space, I can still manage to get in a great workout.
Even with such a small space, I can still manage to get in a great workout.

I stumbled on a “No Jump (Quiet)” workout on Pumps and Iron, a site I go to for workout ideas, and it got me thinking that if it’s low impact enough I could easily do this on the boat. I modified it some with other exercises, but Pumps and Iron is a great resource for different types of exercises and workouts. My version is below.

Equipment needed:

  • 15 lb kettle bell (you can also use a hand weight)
  • 10 lb medicine ball
  • Boat cruising the Gulf of Mexico for added resistance 🙂
The equipment I used for this workout
The equipment I used for this workout

The workout

10 Downward dog push-ups
10 Spiderman planks (each side)
40 Russian twists
20 Kettle bell swings
10 Cross-body chops (each side)
10 Shoulder press with kettlebell (each side)
20 Kettle bell swings
20 V-ups
20 Figure 8 squat

Repeat 4 times through

Exercise descriptions

Most of the exercises are described on the Pumps and Iron website. Links are available below.

  • Downward Dog Pushups, Russian Twists, and Kettlebell Swings
  • Spiderman planks and Cross-body Chops Figure 8 Squats
  • V-ups
  • Shoulder Press w/kettlebell  — This is a one-arm exercise and is similar to a shoulder press using a dumbbell. You start with the kettlebell in the right hand near your shoulder and press it straight up until your arm is straight overhead, then lower to start. Repeat on left side.


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