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Merwin Key and Picnic Island

IMG_7497Merwin Key is a favorite local anchorage that we like to frequent. It’s right next to Picnic Island and is less than 2 hours to get there on Blue Turtle. Because of it’s close proximity, it has become our favorite place to anchor when we only have 1 or 2 days to spend.

This weekend, we headed out Saturday morning on Blue Turtle, shortly after Mary Kay, Maddie and Corey did aboard Mary Kay’s sailboat. Corey wanted to ride with them so he could use his new sailing skills. We met out by Merwin Key and got anchored up. Randy’s friend, Rob (and his son, Reef) came on their boat and planned to stay on Blue Turtle that night. Rob was gracious enough to take us all on a boat ride to the beach on Captiva Island. We let the kids wear themselves out for a while and then stopped by The Green Flash for a couple of Rogeritas (margaritas). After The Green Flash, we stopped on a sandbar to stretch our legs and let the kids run and then we headed back to our anchorage. Once back, we grilled up some fabulous food (since we had 2 good cooks aboard—Rob and Mary Kay) and put on a movie for the kids. We were all thoroughly worn out by the end of the night.

Mary Kay, Maddie and Corey on Mary Kay’s sailboat
Rob and Randy hang out on Rob’s boat while the kids run around on the sandbar

Sunday morning, Rob, Randy, Corey and Reef went fishing for bit and when they returned, we headed to Picnic Island. We stayed an hour or more, but then headed back to our boats to pack up and head home to Snook Bight. Even though we only went for one night, we managed to pack in lot of fun!

A beautiful Merwin Key sunset

2 thoughts on “Merwin Key and Picnic Island”

  1. hello I just wanted to thank you so much for your blog my wife and I are thinking about becoming liveaboards. I’ve always admired boats but never thought you could actually live on one.
    I think it’s exciting my wife is a minimalist and me on the other hand I am NOT but I am willing to sacrifice it all to live in a boat and be free of clutter.

    we live in Plant City Florida and we’re thinking about perhaps checking out St Pete area for a place to keep a boat?
    Take care

    • Your welcome Roy! Randy and I had never considered living aboard either until we go the idea from my folks. We absolutely love the simple lifestyle and wish we had done it sooner. We really wish we could cruise all the time, but I have to tell you, living in a marina on the water isn’t so bad either! We have the absolutely best views.
      We purchased our boat in the Long Boat Key/Sarasota area which is near St. Pete. Such a beautiful area! Good luck on your adventure!


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