Blue Turtle Cruising

Fort Myers to Key West aboard the Key West Express

IMG_7335This post is categorized as “Cruising”, and while we weren’t aboard the Blue Turtle for this trip, we were indeed on a ship. It’s been about 3 years since Randy, Corey and I last went to the Keys to dive and snorkel aboard my parent’s boat, Island Time. We were hoping to make it to the Keys this summer on Blue Turtle, but with work commitments, we were unable to take the time off. We hope to make it to the Keys next summer aboard Blue Turtle for some diving and lobstering. Since it had been a while since we got to dive or snorkel, we decided to take a trip to Key West last weekend and we went on the Key West Express. If you live in Fort Myers or Southwest Florida, the best way to get to Key West is aboard the Key West Express.  Not only is it scenic, it’s also much quicker than driving. We enjoyed wonderful weather for both the trip there and back.

Randy and Corey aboard the snorkel boat

The weekend, of course, went by way too fast, but we were able to take take 2 different snorkel trips (one on Friday and one on Sunday morning) on the FURY catamaran. With Saturday being rainy most the day, we visited the Key West Aquarium and the Shipwreck Museum and checked out Mallory Square for sunset and then on to dinner at one of the marina restaurants. No Key West trip is complete with a visit to Margaritaville (for lunch and margaritas, of course!) and Fat Tuesday for a frozen adult beverage (or two). Key West is always a great weekend trip and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Amazing sunset on the Gulf of Mexico (aboard the Key West Express)

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