Blue Turtle Cruising

Marathon Marina, July 6 – 13, 2014

The past week here in Marathon was spent on the dock, working (for Randy), catching up on the blog (me) and running errands—getting air tanks refilled, grocery, dive shop outlet for new mask for me and fins for Corey, ordering a new part for the generator, etc. The marina we are staying at, Marathon Marina, is really nice and we love the location because we have the closest access to the Atlantic for diving and snorkeling.

Blue Turtle in her slip. The Grand Banks with the green canvas belongs to our Snook Bight friend, David.
Blue Turtle in her slip. The Grand Banks with the green canvas belongs to our Snook Bight friend, David.

We actually stayed at Marathon Marina about 5 years ago when Randy, Corey and I came to Marathon on my parent’s previous boat, a 37′ Carver Voyager. At that time, it didn’t have the newer amenities that it does now. When we were last there, they were under construction to build a pool. The marina and boat yard appear to be about the same, however, there are some new amenities in addition to the new pool. They have an air conditioned “Captains Lounge” with furniture, TV and full kitchen, perfect for an indoor dock party or happy hour. They have also added a fitness room which has 2 new treadmills, a couple of stationery bikes, TVs and a used Soloflex. While the equipment is sparse, we were very happy just to have an air conditioned room to workout in. Randy, Corey and I have used it twice now bringing our own weights—2lb dive weights for Corey and our 15lb kettlebell and 10lb medicine ball—and doing one of my many HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts. I don’t remember the laundry room from 5 years ago, but they now have 5 washers and 5 dryers. Laundry is a little expensive at $3.00 to wash and $2.00 to dry but they do have a change machine in the ship’s store so at least you don’t have to go chasing down quarters. Also, everything is accessed by a key card that they give you when you check in. The marina and yard is also now gated and you get in by using a clicker (similar to one for a garage).  We’ve enjoyed the last week here but are always anxious to get off the dock.

The Captain's Lounge
The Captain’s Lounge
The kitchen in the Captain's Lounge
The kitchen in the Captain’s Lounge
Tiki area outside the Captain's Lounge
Tiki area outside the Captain’s Lounge
The Fitness Room
The Fitness Room
The Laundry Room
The Laundry Room

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