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Home is where the anchor drops

My favorite thing about living aboard is that we can leave at a moments notice. A quick trip to Publix to provision, a few engine checks and untying of the dock lines and off we go. And wherever we go, we are home. We don’t have to pack and never have to worry about forgetting things. We always have the comfort of our home with us. For the next couple of days home is Keeywaydin Island. Details of our Keeywaydin trip will be forthcoming, but for now I just wanted to share the custom throw pillows I created for Blue Turtle.

Custom designed Blue turtle throw pillows
You gotta be a dachshund lover to understand :)
You gotta be a dachshund lover to understand 🙂

You might already know that I am a graphic designer by profession and of course whenever I find an opportunity to create anything custom I will. A few years ago, I discovered Zazzle an online marketplace where you can purchase pre-designed products or create your own—they have everything from iPhone/iPad cases, pillows, coasters, wrapped canvases, cups and koozies to luggage tags, shirts, hats and pet products like beds and tags. Being a designer and knowing how to design and upload my own artwork, I’ve enjoyed creating items for myself such as my “I just want to drink coffee and pet my wiener” mug and these koozies. So I decided to create some throw pillows for our sofa and ordered the 16×16 polyester pillows from Zazzle.

16 x 16 Polyester Throw Pillows

I’ve been very impressed with the products on this site. They sell very high quality items and can print on-demand the graphics in very colorful inks. I loved how the pillows came out and the fact that the pillow covers unzip so they can be removed for cleaning is even better.

Pillow covers unzip so they can be cleaned

Close-up of our Blue Turtle emblem
Close-up of our Blue Turtle emblem

I’ve decided to start my own online store on Zazzle where I can place items I create for sale. Most of the items will probably be nautically inspired, however, I do have some ideas for pet-related items as well. My new store is aptly-named Blue Turtle Boutique and I’ve added my “Home is Where the Anchor Drops” design to pillows and iPhone cases so far.


I plan to continue to update the store with new products and designs. So, if you’re interested in nautically inspired products, check out my new store and let me know what you think!


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