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Edison Sailing School camp

This past week, we enrolled Corey in Edison Sailing School camp. It’s a week-long camp that allows young sailors the opportunity to learn to sail their very own boat. If you know Corey, then you know that he has basically perfected anything and everything there is to do on the water, so sailing school was just the challenge for him.

Randy and I know nothing about sailing since we are essentially power boaters. Sometimes we argue that we are more similar to sailors than power boaters since we usually only achieve 6-7 knots while under way. This means we go slow…a lot like sailors do. We do not know how to sail, and so we’re hoping Corey will teach us.

Randy enrolled Corey in the Edison Sailing Center’s camp for kids on Fort Myers Beach. We were fortunate that it was located at the Mound House, less than 1 mile away from our marina. This gave us a unique opportunity to visit Corey during lessons by dinghy. Several times during the week, Randy would drop in to see how the boy was doing. We were also fortunate to have Tim and Joan, our neighbors on Head Over Keels (a sailboat), to be able to take Corey to camp and observe the lessons from sailor’s point of views. Needless to say, I was able to get a few shots on our young sailor which I’ll post below. The camp instructors said Corey was one of the best sailors of the group and we weren’t surprised, that kid is so comfortable on the water. One thing that was common every day last week—the boy came home exhausted. It seems that sailing is very challenging physically. I have to agree.

A boy and his sail boat...Corey sailing solo
A boy and his sail boat…Corey sailing solo
Corey helping Tanner into his boat
Corey helping Tanner into his boat
Corey and his friend Tanner sailing the Mini Pal
Corey and his friend Tanner sailing the Mini PalA boy and his sail boat
Corey buzzes the marina (Snook Bight) while Tim takes his photo
Corey buzzes the marina (Snook Bight) while Tim takes his photo

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