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Bridal shower!

One of the great things about living aboard in a marina, is the community of wonderful people. Last weekend a couple friends from the marina threw a bridal shower for me. The ladies of Snook Bight are a great group of fun, intelligent, and super sweet gals that I’m very lucky to have in my life. Claudia and Wendy were our fabulous hostesess and we shared wonderful food and mimosas, great stories and opened gifts (for moi!). It was great to have all my friends as well as my mother, sister and step-mom-in-law, April in attendance.

Many thanks to Claudia and Wendy for putting this great little event together!

I was first in line for the fab food!
I was first in line for the fab food!
The shower was held in the Captain's Room at Snook Bight
The shower was held in the Captain’s Room at Snook Bight
Drinking mimosas and chatting
Drinking mimosas and chatting

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