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Boat fire at Snook Bight Marina

Last night, Randy and I and his father (John) and April were invited to catch up over dinner with Tim and Joan on Head Over Keels. We had a wonderful time with good friends, laughter and a couple bottles of wine. The party had just broke up not too long ago and I was in bed about ready to fall asleep and we hear a banging on our hull. It was Tim from next door yelling that there was a fire in the marina!  Randy and  I got up and got dressed and went to see what was going on. It appeared that the Good Time Charters boat had caught fire. We did have one boat, a catamaran, that was right across the dock from the fire and the 2 owners were aboard. Thankfully, they were able to drop the lines and back out of their slip and move around to the face dock to get away from it. This was a fairly big fire and most of the live aboards in the marina were out on the docks (some in their PJs) watching. About 5-10 minutes after someone called the fire department, the firefighters arrived on the scene. They were able to extinguish the fire fairly quickly and after that the excitement calmed down.

This morning, the charred remains of the boat was hauled out of the water and the staff at the marina were assessing the damage. I was able to get a few photos of the blackened remains. This was quite an exciting event for the marina and we were thankful that no one got hurt.

Good Time Charters boat after the fire
Good Time Charters boat after the fire
Good Time Charters boat after the fire
Good Time Charters boat after the fire

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