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Another boat in the family!

Well, it’s official—we have another boat/live-aboard in the family! Randy’s father, John, has had his house up for sale for the last 2 years with plans to buy a boat to live on. The house finally sold and he and girlfriend, April, found a boat they wanted to buy. They’ve been through the survey process and have finally closed on the 42′ Jefferson Motoryacht. Now Randy and I both have live-aboard parents.

Johnny's 42' Jefferson Motoryacht
Johnny’s 42′ Jefferson Motoryacht
The stern of the motoryacht
The stern of the motoryacht

For now, Johnny and April plan to keep the boat in the Naples City Dock (after having it hauled out) until May or June. Then they plan to move aboard and bring her to Snook Bight Marina. At this time, they have not named the boat whose current name is “D’s at Ease”. Congratulations Johnny & April!!!

2 thoughts on “Another boat in the family!”

  1. It’s good to see that “The Package” has arrived at its destination. That is a happy Johnny Boy and I don’t think the smile is just the result of the boat.


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