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Titusville to Daytona Beach, FL

After a quick provisioning run to Publix in Cocoa Beach, we pulled anchor and motored north 17 nautical miles to Titusville. We spent 1 night there just south of the Max Brewer Bridge. The next morning, we headed to New Smyrna Beach.

We mostly motored the 30 nm north to New Smyrna Beach. It was a nice day but windy. Randy had been in contact with an old friend he worked with years ago who just so happened to be cruising in their sailboat north, just behind us. His friend Stephan and his wife had been cruising the Bahamas but are making their way north back to their home in Wrightsville Beach, NC. We learned that morning that they were just 1 mile south of us, so Randy slowed down and we decided to put out our jib sail. We didn’t unfurl it all the way because of the windy conditions, but it was enough to give us 3.5 knots once he cut the engine. This allowed Stephan to catch up to us an we were able to chat with them briefly over the radio. It was great for Randy and Stephan to catch up and Stephan has sent us some great info regarding anchorages and tools for cruising. Once we arrived in New Smyrna Beach, we anchored south of the George Musson Bridge.

Since we only had 12 miles to make it to Daytona Beach and it happened to be Mother’s Day, we decided to leave a little later in the day and make time to call our moms. We eventually pulled up the anchor and made the 12:30pm opening of the George Musson Bridge. Along the way, we passed Ponce Inlet which appears to be a popular spot for day boaters. We went passed several sandbars a beaches lined with boats and people.

We motored to the Bethune Point Park anchorage in Daytona and were lucky to find a spot to drop our anchor. The anchorage seemed very crowded and several of the boats there looked like they may have been abandoned. We weren’t crazy about this anchorage since we were also getting waked by boats going by, so we decided we’d move the boat in the morning to a new anchorage. We did like that there was a nearby park, boat ramp and nice dinghy docks where we went ashore to walk Sophie.

The next morning, we decided to go into the Hallifax Harbor Marina to top off our fuel and fill our water tanks. After that, we motored a couple miles north to a different anchorage just north of the Seabreeze/Oakridge Bridge. There was only 1 other boat there and we had access to shore via the boat ramp docks under the bridge. We went to shore to check out the beach and walk around this popular spring break destination. Once back on the boat, we grabbed Sophie to take to shore one last time before heading north to St. Augustine the next morning.

Cocoa Beach to Titusville = 17 nm
Titusville to New Smyrna = 30 nm
New Smyrna to Daytona Beach = 12 nm
TOTAL miles: = 488 nm

Bridges = 3
Total Bridges = 11

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