Blue Turtle Cruising

Blue Turtle cruising again after repairs

You might have noticed that we haven’t been off the dock in while. Typically this time of year we cruise often to take advantage of the cool winter weather. Unfortunately, we’ve had some down time due to a few issues with Blue Turtle that Randy has been troubleshooting and resolving. One was with our 185hp …

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Single engine vs. twin engine trawler, maintenance, fuel consumption, costs and other considerations

maintaining a single diesel engine

We’ve received several comments and questions about what our thoughts are on a single engine trawler vs. twin engines. Many folks have questions about the maintenance and operational costs as well as safety and redundancy. This topic of single vs. twin is always highly debated and there are good arguments for both sides. There’s a great article …

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End of year (annual) engine maintenance

While I was busy wrapping Christmas presents, Randy was busy with the annual maintenance on our Perkins 185 and Onan generator engines.  Randy learned early on that it is worth every penny saved to do this type of work yourself.  Hiring someone to do oil changes is costly and it really makes sense to learn the ins …

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