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Spring break 2018 at Keewaydin

Near the end of March, Corey had his spring break so we decided to get off the dock and spend some time at anchor at Keewaydin. The trip there was perfect and we had amazing weather the first part of the week. On our way there we were passed by a group of friends from Snookbight who were out for a day cruise on their new boat, Lucky Us. They anchored near Keeywaydin beach and once we’d anchored, we dinghy’ed over to visit with Bill and Dorothy and Ned and Beth. Afterward, Randy and I were talking about how cool it is to have this great little boating community of friends and how even though none of us are still at Snookbight we still manage to see our friends out on the water.

Lucky Us at anchor at Keeweydin
Hanging out on board Lucky Us with Bill and Beth
Lucky Us crew
Crowded beach at Keewaydin
Randy with a very large inflatable flamingo behind him

Before heading over to visit with Lucky Us crew, Corey was picked up by a wake board boat. Nick Cankar, who owns a wake boarding business which operates seasonally out of Naples, has been giving Corey lessons behind his boat. Randy and Corey met him at Revolution cable Park where they wake board via cable. Since Nick’s based in Naples, he offered to pick Corey up most days during our spring break stay at Keewaydin. Talk about a lucky kid!

Corey getting picked up by Nick’s wake board boat

Early in the week we were visited by Randy’s friend from high school, Amber, and her husband and two sons. They had been staying on Marco the previous week for spring break and we luckily got to catch up with them while they were in town. The house they were staying at had a boat for them to use at their disposal so they came to visit us on anchor. Once they were gone, our social festivities were over. It was time to work some and chill some as well.

Randy with Amber, Jason and her youngest son Brock
Randy takes Mason (Amber’s oldest son) for a dinghy ride to meet up with Corey on the wake board boat
Time for some selfie fun in the sun!
Blue Turtle anchored at Keewaydin

Mid-week we had a cold front push through which brought us some high winds and and a small storm, followed by cooler temps. The evening the storm was supposed to come through, the three of us sat on the bow of Blue Turtle and were treated to an amazing lightening show. The next day, it was so windy that Blue Turtle pretty much surfed the waves all day in the backwaters behind Keewaydin. Corey was planning to be out of town that upcoming weekend with his mom so Randy had to take him to Marco by dinghy to be picked up. Needless to say, they said it was an eventful and wet ride. After a full day spent on a rocking boat, I was ready to head to shore the following day. Even though it was still windy, we enjoyed having the place mostly to ourselves.

Sitting on the bow of Blue Turtle watching the storm roll in
We were treated to a lightening show
Randy at the beach for a much needed shore break
Blue Turtle sitting solidly at anchor
Taking a break at the beach ~ holding Blue Turtle up on the tip of my beer
Our beautiful slow gal
Sophie relaxing on Blue Turtle
Gorgeous Keewaydin sunset

Thankfully, the winds died down enough for Randy and I to head home. On the way to Keewayin in the back waters, we had noticed that it must have been Osprey mating season because just about every osprey nest we saw had babies in it. I didn’t have my camera out in time to capture any on the way there and so I was determined to take a few photos as we left the area.  Unfortunately, it was lower tide when we left and I couldn’t quite get as close as I wanted but I did manage to get a couple shots.

Captain Randy navigates Blue Turtle as I take photos
Osprey in nest with its young
Another opsrey nest – baby is in the middle
“What choo lookin’ at?”
Osprey mowhawk
We passed Nick’s boat as we left
Sophie chilling on the bridge

Once we went through Gordon Pass, things were a little lumpy and Windy on the Gulf. Fortunately, the seas smoothed out some but it was still quite windy and cold. Kudos to Captain Randy for bearing through the weather and getting us back home safely.

Approaching Fort Myers Beach

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