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Scenes of Fort Myers Beach during ‘stay at home’ orders

Even though our governor issued a ‘safe at home’ order on April 3rd closing down most of the state except for essential businesses, we have been practicing social distancing since mid-March. Randy and I have been off the dock more during this time than any in past years. With every grocery run becoming a potential risk, we’ve just been provisioning for 6-7 days at a time and with our gym being closed, there has been no reason to stay at the dock. I might add that the other thing that makes it easy for us to cruise is that Corey officially has his drivers license (yay!) meaning he can get to where he needs to go now without our help. He’s spent most of his time living at his wakeboard coach’s house homeschooling in the a.m and wakeboarding in the afternoon. What a lucky kid!

With the exception of a week and half, we’ve been anchored out on Blue Turtle since March 17th. We’ve gotten to cruise and anchor in some of our favorite local anchorages. I just wanted to share some photos taken from cruising around Fort Myers Beach and New Pass. There’s photos of our shrimp fleet, empty white sand beaches, a deserted pier, the famous Lani Kai and Cottage completely desolate, and some other pics of New Pass, sunsets and a gorgeous full moon.

Hope you enjoy and stay safe out there!

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