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Pirates invade Fort Myers Beach

This weekend, we attended the 9th annual Fort Myers Beach Pirate Festival, a weekend-long celebration of everything about being a pirate. Everyone was decked out in their pirate-y best  and plundered the beach to attend events, booths, contests, hear live music and more. Thankfully, our friend Mary Kay happened to pick us up a couple of pirate costumes and so, after we decked ourselves out, we all headed to the north end of the beach where the festivities were held. As large amount of rum was drunk and we heard quite a few yells of “argh!” and “aye”. We had a great time and enjoyed dressing as pirates, even if it was only for a day.

Randy and I (on left) and Mary Kay and Maddie (right)
Randy introduces his new “parrot” to Tiki
Mary Kay, Maddie and Capt. Tom
Randy in front of the booth area
Randy on the street and Mary Kay and I
Capt. Randy and Capt. Tom
Folks decked out in their piratey best
Randy lets a little girl pet his pet parrot


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