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Headed south: Marco Island to the Content Keys

Since we are meeting our friends in the Dry Tortugas later this week, we decided to use the Memorial Day holiday to our advantage and head south to anchor out in the Keys prior to that. Our first stop along the way was to anchor at Cape Roman near Marco Island. We didn’t get to Cape Romano until late in the evening and it was an extremely low tide so were unable to get into the little anchorage.  We tried anchoring on the Gulf of Mexico right off the famous dome homes but the current was going one way and the wind the other making what would have been an unpleasant night. We decided to cruise about another hour south and tuck in behind a shoal which gave us much better protection for the evening.

Corey helps fuel up Blue Turtle
Grilling dinner off the coast of Naples
Reading up on the Dry Tortugas
The famous dome homes of Cape Romano
The dome homes slowly getting swallowed by the sea
Relaxing up front and enjoying the evening
We were treated to a gorgeous sunset
The sky after the sun had set

The next morning we were off early to head to the Content Keys. The Content Keys is a very popular spot for mini lobstering season and we’d been there several times for just that. This time around, Randy and Corey wanted to try a spear fishing spot that they got from a friend. They were only able to spear 1 hogfish but it was certainly tasty. We stayed two nights at the Content Keys before heading to Jewfish Basin near Key West.

Our crew en route to the Content Keys
Sophie is happy to be on vacay!
Corey gets in some reading time and a nice breeze
Always my favorite view
Blue Turtle anchored at the Content Keys
The boys return from spear fishing
This little guy came by to check us out
He says “see ya later!”
Beautiful sunset at the Content Keys


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