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Friday evening sailing excursion

Corey and Randy aboard "Sweet Pea"
Corey and Randy aboard “Sweet Pea”

Friday evening, Randy, Corey and I were invited by Tom, Mary Kay and Maddie to go on a sunset sailing cruise. Mary Kay has a little 21′ sailboat perfectly sized for her and Maddie to take out on weekends or perfectly sized for a small group sailing excursion.  This was Randy and Corey’s first ever sailing trip. I’d been on a sailing charter years ago without much involvement in the actual sailing of the vessel, so it was a new-again experience for me as well.

We loaded our coolers and extra warm clothing onto the boat and motored out of the marina. We continued to motor our way through the back waters towards Mantanzas Pass. Along the way, Mary Kay and Tom helped Maddie and Corey put up the sails and we motor-sailed until we reached the pass. Right when we were at the pass, we ran out of gas. Conveniently, we had another tank of gas and as Randy and Tom were transferring the gas, the Big M. Casino boat was coming near us. We managed to get the gas transferred and sailed out of the way of the giant vessel. The sun was hidden by low clouds, but it was a fine evening for a relaxing cruise with friends. Maddie and Corey had a great time dipping their toes into the water while seated at the life line. Corey also got to captain the boat for a bit.

We had an excellent time aboard “Sweet Pea” and thank Mary Kay and Tom for inviting us!

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