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Chesapeake Bay cruising, Crisfield to Oxford, MD

After exploring Tangier Island, we needed to fill our water tanks, provision for groceries and do some laundry. We cruised 14 miles north to Crisfield, Maryland and got a slip at Somers Cove Marina where we could knock everything out at once. Somers Cove Marina is the largest State-owned marina in Maryland with 515 slips. As we neared the marina and radioed for help, we were pleasantly surprised to get not one, but three dock hands help us into the slip. Once docked, we realized that catty corner from us was 40′ Defever Passagemaker. Our old boat! Not the exact one, of course, but same make and model. This one needed a little TLC. It was cool to see both our current and previous boats side-by-side.

At check in, we got the normal instructions on how to access showers and laundry as well as a coupon package for local establishments and two slices of the famous Smith Island Cake (Score!). We were pretty impressed with the accommodating staff, well-kept facilities and nice extras like free bike rental for up to 2 hours. The nearest grocery was 2 miles away and we had planned to walk but it had been raining pretty much all day. We decided to wait until we had a window where the rain let up and take the marina bikes. We noticed they had 2 trikes (3-wheeled bikes) each with baskets on the back, perfect for groceries. Did I mention they were red, white and blue complete with stars and stripes? Neither Randy or I had ever ridden a trike and we looked pretty comical and out of place riding down the main street to the Food Lion. Realizing that Food Lion didn’t sell beer or wine, we then had to go in search of a liquor store. The trikes with baskets worked out great in allowing us to get what we needed without having to haul it back via walking or Uber.

After spending 2 nights at Somers Cove Marina, we topped off our fuel and headed north. We cruised about 17 miles and anchored right on the bay near Deal Island. The next day, we planned to make our way to Solomans Island but saw that the temps were to be in the 90’s there. Hoping it may be a little cooler further north, we changed our plans and decided to head to Oxford, MD. Oxford was still 60 miles away so we took our time getting there. We dropped the hook near Hooper Island and both agreed that besides the 2 jets that flew over us, it was the quietest anchorage yet.

When we left Hooper Island the next morning, winds were 15-18 knots and the bay was a bit lumpy. We put up the jib and staysail and sailed for a few hours before the wind died. After 43 miles we anchored at Cook Point Cove. That evening, it stormed and we rocked quite a bit through the night.

After pulling the anchor at Cook Point Cover, we only had 9 miles to go to Oxford. As we cruised on the Tred Avon River towards Oxford, we saw several tiny sailboats that looked like a summer sailing camp underway. We dropped the anchor near the Bellevue side to be out in the open for the best breeze. That afternoon, we took Sophie to shore using an unmarked “free” dock we found on Active Captain. The dock is at one end of Market Street and at the other end was a public park with lots of shade. On our short walk down Market Street, we passed the Post Office, Oxford Library, Oxford Museum and the Police station. Talk about a small town!

Oxford was a beautiful, quaint, little town with restored old homes, (some very large) manicured lawns and a few restaurants. We read on Active Captain to call ahead for hours of local businesses and restaurants. Some are only open Wednesday thru Sunday, while some don’t open until 5pm. One late afternoon, we took the dinghy to the a restaurant on the water called Capsize. It was located near a couple marinas and had dinghy parking as well. We walked Sophie down the road it was on and then sat at the restaurant’s outside bar to get a couple of beers. We met some folks from Sololmons Island who were staying on their boats at the next door marina. After talking to them we found out they own homes on Pine Island, FL and Cape Coral. Small world we live in.

After spending a few days in the lovely little town of Oxford, it was time to move on…

Tangier Island to Crisfield, MD= 14 nm
Crisfield to anchorage near Deal Island = 17 nm
Deal Island anchorage to Hooper Island = 13.5 nm
Hooper Island to Cook Point Cove = 43 nm
Cook Point Cove to Oxford, MD = 9 nm

TOTAL miles to date: = 1,477.5 nm

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  1. I live in Crisfield and I sailed some of the same ports you spoke of when I was 18 for 3 years ,it was a wonderful experience , thank you for bringing back memories. Beautiful pictures ๐Ÿ’™


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