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A NEW look for Blue Turtle Trawler!

You may have noticed things are a little different around here. I recently redesigned the website to make it more functional to our readers. The new site sports it’s own Home page now with a slideshow of images, snippets from different categories and a brand-spankin’-new SUBSCRIBE box at the top right. Enter your email here and you will get a notice delivered to your inbox every time a new post is added.

Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!

Also new additions to the website is a Gallery page showcasing some of the photos I’ve taken of past trips and fun times. These are the “better” (not so snap-shot-y) photos I take that I post over on Flickr. I’ve only added a few galleries, but I plan to add much, much more! We’ve also added an FAQs section for the frequently asked questions we get from time to time. I’ve started the page out with the most common questions we get, but please feel free to send us any nagging questions you may have about living aboard or anything really. You can send us a message from the form on our Contact Us page.

The new Gallery page showcasing some of the photos I post over on Flickr
The new Gallery page showcasing some of the photos I post over on Flickr

One last geeky-techy thing! The website is also now responsive. This means that the layout and text will adapt to the device it’s viewed on making it MUCH easier to read on mobile devices and iPads. No more shrinking the entire site and text down to fit on an iPhone. You may now be able to read it without a magnifying glass ๐Ÿ™‚ Or maybe that just helps me!

Hope you enjoy the new website and feel free to give your feedback!


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