Blue Turtle Cruising

Weekend at New Pass with All Bright at Sea

This past weekend, Blue Turtle and crew + Corey’s cousin, Nicole, headed to New Pass to anchor for the weekend. Also accompanying us on our cruise was Ned and Beth aboard their boat, All Bright at Sea.  Ned and Beth had never anchored there and wanted to tag along to check it out.  Needless to …

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Cold front at Cayo Costa

Last weekend, Randy, Corey and I headed to Cayo Costa for the weekend. We were expecting a cold front which makes for great surfable waves on the gulf coast. It did rain a full day with 25-35 mph winds, but the rest of the weekend was absolutely beautiful—low humidity and upper 70’s to lower 80’s …

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Ding Darling anchorage

This past weekend we had yet another opportunity to get off the dock. It would be a short trip, so we decided to stay close to Fort Myers Beach. We left Friday evening at around 5pm and headed for an anchorage off Sanibel Island outside Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge. A couple of times, we’ve …

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A weekend trip to Merwin Key

With Christmas around the corner, Randy and I decided to get away from the marina for a quick weekend trip. This was also a great opportunity to test out our new windlass system that we had installed a couple weeks ago. We headed out Saturday morning, December 22nd, and planned to come home the morning …

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Kayaking Estero Bay

Corey throws a nice pancake cast

Since Blue Turtle is still on the hard, Randy, Corey and I got to launch our kayaks out of Week’s Fish Camp again. This time, we had some very windy weather so we couldn’t cross the bay to Lover’s Key, so we decided to paddle south and stay along the mangroves for protection. I was …

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Paddle time: Weeks Fish Camp to Lover’s Key

Great Egret posing on a post in Weeks Fish Camp

With our trawler on the hard, Randy and I are staying at his father’s house in the Estero/Bonita Springs area. This means that we are close to the Weeks Fish Camp launch near the Hyatt Coconut Point. This has always been one of our favorite spots to launch our kayaks because it takes us into …

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Kayaking at Lover’s Key

3 Generations of Kalisik boys

Since we purchased our trawler back in May, Randy and I haven’t been able to get out and do much kayaking. We did have our kayaks with us for Labor Day weekend, but it was mostly for the kids to use. Actually our last kayak outing was early May when we launched out of Weeks …

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