Blue Turtle Cruising

Wood rail rehab on the Blue Turtle

This Florida winter has been a productive one for the Blue Turtle.  Boat projects have been plentiful now that Corey is driving and Randy’s taxi services are no longer needed. Randy has realized that he now has quite a bit of extra time so now he can focus on Blue Turtle. It’s been years since …

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Wood restoration begins

We’ve been planning on repairing the wood rails on the deck and giving them a maintenance coat of varnish this winter, but somehow keep procrastinating. Part of the reason is that Southwest Florida is a paradise this time of year, and living on the beach seems to make us lazy…all we want to do is …

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Varnishing wood: Lessons learned

The tools I started out with: Captain's Varnish and a Purdy brush

You may have read a while back that Randy and I renamed our Trawler from Down Time to Blue Turtle. We’ve since changed the lettering on the stern and held a christening. One of the last items to take care of, was refinishing the wooden name boards that were on both sides of the trawler. …

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