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New teak doors for Blue Turtle!

A few weeks ago I posted on our Facebook page that we had picked an inopportune time to pull the doors off Blue Turtle and have brand new ones made. We were in the middle of a cold front with 25-27mph winds and our replacement doors were thin pink foam insulation from Home Depot — I called them our “ghetto doors”. Somehow Randy managed to barricade the doors perfectly and we survived the winds with both temporary doors in tact.

Yep, the Pink Panther is all we saw from the inside for 2 days during the cold front
Our pink foam doors from the outside

The reason we decided to finally have new doors made for Blue Turtle is because the wood in the old doors was literally rotting out. In the summer, we would have rain coming through the cracks and joins of the doors. We have had some work done on them to patch them up and Randy has even done some patch work himself to keep the rain out, but it never held. Since we have finally found a great woodworker in the area, we decided it was time to have new ones made.

Hauling one of our old doors away
You can see the cracks that Randy had filled to keep rain out – it wasn’t a pretty site

All in all, it took about 3 weeks to have brand new doors made out of teak using the old doors as a template. Since the glass in our old doors were scratched and unable to be tinted, we had them replaced with dark gray tempered glass.  John (our woodworker friend) even finished them to match our exterior wood. They are absolutely B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! John also installed a stainless steel rail in the tracks so the doors slide smoother. We are absolutely thrilled to not only have non-leaky doors, but to have such gorgeous doors on Blue Turtle.

One of our new doors pre-installation
Our beautiful new doors
New port-side door installed

1 thought on “New teak doors for Blue Turtle!”

  1. Wow! Those doors are beautiful ! It’s nice to know that there is someone close by who can do this kind of work. Ned needs to get in touch with him


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