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Trawler surfing in Marathon

Some of you may know what trawler surfing is when it was first introduced on this blog from our trip to South Seas on Captiva Island (scroll to the bottom of that post). For those who don’t know what it is,  trawler surfing is sort of like waterskiing except the boat pulling you is a trawler and the ski is really a surf board. Since surf-able waves in southwest Florida and on the Gulf coast can sometimes be sparse, especially in the summer, Randy and Corey figured out a way to get Corey up on his surf board.

Trawler Surfing

Travelling in the Keys was no exception and Corey got to trawler surf a few times.  Most of the time in the Keys, when we were heading in from a day of diving and fishing, we would tow Corey in on his board. After our last dive at Looe Key reef, we towed Corey surfing for a while and once Corey got tired, Randy decided he would try trawler surfing. So, who drove Blue Turtle you ask? It wasn’t me, I only steer and follow the GPS, but I don’t usually drive. Corey took the helm since he is a much more experienced captain than I and he did great! Randy did great as well and surfed for a bit before we headed into shore.


Corey surfing with the 7 Mile Bridge in the background
Corey catches some air!
Daddy's turn, so Corey takes the helm
Daddy’s turn, so Corey takes the helm
Captain Corey at the helm
Captain Corey at the helm
Randy makes it up on the board
Randy makes it up on the board


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