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Mighty Mug Barware…perfect no-spill beverage container for cruising?

IMG_6384Those of you who know me well, know that I’ve ruined a couple MacBook Pro keyboards by spilling coffee (or beer) on them that inevitably cost me a lot of money in repairs. Add to the fact that I live on a boat that is constantly in motion, well, it’s an accident waiting to happen.  I recently received a new product at no cost for review purposes. This product is a new line of no-spill barware made by Mighty Mug, creators of the “mug that won’t fall over.”

Mighty Mug barware is made of BPA Free Tritan plastic and comes in 4 sizes: old fashioned/stemless wine glass, pint, pilsner and wine stem.

Mighty Mug barware sizes

The sample I received was the 24oz pint glass. Once I took it out of the box, I placed it on a smooth, non-porous surface and immediately went to work trying to knock it over. I was surprised by how it gripped the surface. According to the Mighty Mug website, the barware uses Smartgrip technology to create a vacuum that locks the cup onto the surface – effectively preventing it from being knocked over. The vacuum is released instantly when the mug is lifted straight up. I decided to try the cup on several surfaces like a wood table, ceramic tile countertops, our electric cooktop and a dockbox. The cup gripped all surfaces well since they are smooth solid surfaces. See below for a video of the cup on our cooktop surface (sorry for the background noise – our generator was running).

Testing the cup on a wood table
Testing the cup on a wood table
The Mighty Mug pint on our dockbox
The Mighty Mug pint on our dockbox

There were a few times when the pint glass wouldn’t grip the surface. Usually, it was due to the surface not being smooth or solid enough but after a couple weeks, I noticed the suction on the bottom of the cup becoming less grip-y. I went to their website and found a few troubleshooting tips which helped resolved the issue.

Overall, this product has great potential for preventing unnecessary spills for weekend boaters, full-time cruisers or liveaboards. We’re looking forward to trying out the stemmed wine glasses and putting them to the test.

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