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Family fun time on Fort Myers Beach

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, we had the upcoming wedding of Randy’s father and April. This past week has been one busy, but fun-filled, week spent visiting with Randy’s aunts, uncles and cousins. We had Randy’s sister and brother-in-law stay with us on the Blue Turtle, while the rest of the family stayed in hotels here on Fort Myers Beach. Randy and I got to show them around a bit as we shopped, dined and partied on the beach. If there’s one way to describe his crazy family, it’s that they are the life of the party. Needless to say, we were close to being kicked out of a couple establishments because the noise level had reached high levels. It was all in good fun and you could tell they were so happy to be together again.

Corey surfing with his Uncle Scott
Corey surfing with his Uncle Scott
Beach time with the family (From left: Johnny the groom, Gerry, Randy, Sophie, and Tammy, Randy’s sister)
Sophie with her Grandpa Johnny
Sophie with her Grandpa Johnny
Scott, Gerry, Corey and Randy at Junkanoo’s
Kalisik family in front of Yukatan’s
Kalisik brothers and sister. From Left: Johnny, Judy, Jimmy, Gerry (missing: Jackie)
Rumrunners at the Lani Kai
Walking on Fort Myers Beach
Randy, Corey and I at the Lani Kai
Corey with his Grand Uncle Gerry

Friday, the day before the wedding, we took most of Randy’s family (the ones who were here) out on a cruise on Blue Turtle. It was a chilly and windy day, but we had a great time. We went out of Matanzas Pass by way of the shrimp boats and headed out toward Lighthouse Beach on Sanibel Island. From there we cruised along Fort Myers Beach while Corey trawler surfed and entertained his relatives. We arrived back to the dock around 2:30pm just in time to meet up with Johnny and his sister and nephew and his wife to celebrate Johnny’s bachelor party. The bachelor party consisted on more rumrunner fun at the Lani Kai and ended with karaoke at the Lighthouse. Randy, Corey and I ducked out around 8pm since we had a 35 minute dinghy ride back to the boat and had to get some rest for the wedding the next day.

Captain Randy and Corey
Corey captains the boat while Sophie gets kisses from her Uncle Jimmy
Uncle Gerry and Scott
Cruising on the Blue Turtle
From left: Judy, Tammy, Angel and John
Shrimp boats on Fort Myers Beach
Corey entertaining his relatives

Uncle Jimmy
Inside Blue Turtle, Angel teaches Corey and Tammy how to crochet
The Cottage (place where John and April get married)
Corey takes Uncle Jimmy for a dinghy ride
Johnny’s bachelor party at the Lani Kai
Lani Kai Bouncer giving Johnny Boy a hard time
Crazy Kalisik clan at the Lani Kai
Beautiful Fort Myers Beach sunset

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