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Boat projects: water tank installation and varnishing

This past Saturday Corey stayed with his mom, so Randy and I decided to tackle a couple of boat projects. You may remember from our weekend in Cape Coral that we had our port side door dismantled and rebedded. My project was to sand down the door jam and part of the step and varnish it. While I was at it, I went ahead and sanded and varnished the interior walls behind our sofa. These walls were left looking a little rough after we tore out the original “L” shaped bench seating during our main salon renovation back in July.

Port side door with replaced wood and jam rebedded
Interior walls where “L” shaped bench was removed.

While I worked on beautifying the interior of our trawler, Randy and his dad’s task was to install 2 new 45 gallon water tanks. When we bought Blue Turtle, it had two 100 gallon water tanks, however, one of them leaked and left us with only 100 gallons of water. Last January, Randy and his father removed the leaky water tank from our lazarette by sawing it in half. It’s taken us a year to finally order the two 45 gallon replacement  tanks and to install them. Did I mention we’re working folk raising a 9 year old?  Anyhow, the morning was spent getting specs and figuring out what was needed and then a trip to West Marine, Home Depot and Ace Hardware was needed. The tanks were installed beautifully…Randy did an amazing job and we now carry about 200 gallons of water. This will help us extend our stays while out on hook and definitely comes in handy for those hot summer months where there’ll be a lot of swimming and fresh water rinses.

The old leaky water tank removed
Randy and his dad fitting the new water tanks into the lazarette


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