Blue Turtle Cruising

The crew


First Mate and Chief Blogger


My name is Kim and I’ve lived in Southwest Florida for about 15 years. I was actually born in Homestead, Florida so some would say I’m a true Florida native, however, I actually grew up and went to college in Louisville, Kentucky. I graduated from the University of Louisville with a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and almost enough credits for a double major with Photography. I own and operate a Web Design and Graphic Design firm called Blue Turtle Graphics (can you guess where we got the name for our trawler?). I’m a geek and I love all things techy or design-related. If it has a Apple logo on it, I probably own it. I’m also an aspiring amateur photographer, I love to take photos and I spend a good deal of time behind my lens, if I’m not behind my laptop 🙂 Other than design and photography I enjoy kayaking, scuba diving, working out and knitting.

I’m also “just a little” addicted to wiener dogs. I LOVE my little kielbasa, Sophie, and blog/post photos of her at Weenie Wanderings. I own an online shop for dachshund lovers called, Delightful Dachshund Gifts where I sell my dachshund-related designs on t-shirts, tote bags, pillows, iphone cases and more.

Random fact: I was once a University of Louisville Varsity Cheerleader (like a million years ago!)

Captain Randy

Captain Dad
As the title implies, Randy is the captain of Blue Turtle. Randy grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and graduated from Kutztown University with a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Science. If it were up to Randy, he’d spend his life on the water. Randy enjoys all sorts of aquatic activities such as fishing, swimming, kayaking, boating and surfing. What Randy is best at—is being a Dad. Corey,  his son from a previous marriage, is 16 years old and equally aquatic. One other thing that Randy excels in, is teaching kids how to fish and enjoy the Gulf waters. He has an enormous amount of patience and knows how to get kids interested in the ocean. He’s had plenty of practice with Corey and Kim’s two nephews, Jack and Ryan.

Random fact: Randy is a USCG licensed Master Captain


Junior Golfer, Surfer Dude and Future Wake Board Pro


Most folks who know Corey, already know what an amazing kid he is.  Corey excels and perfects just about everything he does…and lately, what doesn’t he do? Corey has been in and around the Gulf waters since he was a baby. He was swimming and boogie boarding by the age of 5 and catching fish that would make most grown men jealous by the age of 6. Whether it’s knot tying, rigging lures or learning to cast net, when Corey gets excited about learning something, he pours himself into it for hours on end until he has perfected it and moved on to the next thing. When he was 7 years old, a photo of him standing on a kayak throwing a perfect pancake cast net was published in Florida Sportsman magazine.

Corey is 16 years old now and his latest passion is wake boarding. Some other hobbies and past hobbies include surfing, fishing and playing ukelele and guitar. Corey is an amazing young adult and he’ll be able to do anything he sets his mind to simply because of his passion and thirst for learning.

Random fact: Corey knew how to tie a uni knot before he could tie his own shoes.


Boat Dog and Dock Barker, AKA “4 O’clock”


Sophie is our exceptionally spoiled 10-year-old long-haired wiener dog. Her chief responsibilities include napping, eating, getting excessive belly rubs and barking at everyone and everything on the docks. Sophie spent her first 2 years on land and has actually adapted quite well as a boat dog. So far, she’s never been sea sick and she’s come a long way from the early days when she wouldn’t walk down the dock. Her low center of gravity makes her a perfect boat dog. In her free time, Sophie enjoys boogie boarding (not really!), playing with squeeky toys and long dingy rides.

Random fact: Sophie participated in the 2012 Florida Wiener Dog Derby (even though she was too scared to leave the gate).