Blue Turtle Cruising

The Blue Turtle Fleet

The name Blue Turtle was found in 2008 when Randy and I were brainstorming names for my new graphic and web design business. After many ideas and lists, I settled on Blue Turtle. At the time, we had just visited Australia and did a 5-day scuba diving live aboard charter on the Great Barrier Reef. Sea Turtles were everywhere and I fell in love with them. Inspired by sea turtles and adding both Randy and my favorite color (blue) a name was born.

Four years later, when we were bringing home our trawler we were trying to decide what to name her. Randy said, "why not name her Blue Turtle?" At first, I didn't want our boat name to be associated with my company but after deliberating, it was decided. After all, Randy had a point—she was blue and she was slow like a turtle (sea turtles are actually pretty fast).

Why a fleet?

In 2021 when we sold our trawler to a wonderful couple, they told us they were keeping the name Blue Turtle. I was so thrilled that we would now have a "fleet" of Blue Turtles, one power and one sail. When closing on our trawler, we were told that it was the only vessel named Blue Turtle, that is, until we register our sailboat. Look out—there will soon be 2 Blue Turtles exploring the seas!

About our first Blue Turtle (the trawler)

Blue Turtle was the perfect live aboard cruising trawler. A 1974 40' DeFever Passagemaker trawler built in California by Jenson Marine, she had a single engine with bow and stern thrusters which made docking a breeze. With a full displacement hull and full keel, she handled seas very well. She was our full-time home for over 9 years and we actively cruised her to local anchorages, the Florida Keys and the Dry Tortugas.


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